SDL Trados Live Team – Update 2, March 2021 (LC-21.03.2 Release)


The Trados Live Team and Language Cloud teams are delighted to announce the newest update to Trados Live Team released this week, with great new features and improvements for the users.

To benefit from the new features and updates, just login to Trados Live Team and they will be available immediately.


HTML Preview in Online Editor

We have now introduced the ability to preview HTML files, in real-time, in the Online Editor.

This supports plain HTML files as well as HTML content with dependency files, in what we call preview packages. Alternatively, it can also pull content from live websites.

To configure the preview, go to Resources → File Type Configurations → Edit or create a new configuration and select XHTML v.2 or HTML5 in the process. This will provide you with preview settings for configuration purposes.

XML Preview in Online Editor

This new preview supports multiple preview types such as:

  • XSLT
  • Preview Packages
  • DITA for DITA file types

If no Preview type is configured, then there is also a standard basic XML Preview which will show an XML tree.

To configure the preview, go to Resources → File Type Configurations → Edit or create a new configuration and select any of the XML2 types or create a new XML2 file type.
This will provide you with preview settings for configuration purposes.

Note: This is only available for the XML v2 file types. The legacy XML v1 file type will be deprecated later this year. We will be in touch as and when that happens, to make sure you can migrate any XML v1-based types to the new file type generation.

Additional Previews in Online Editor

In addition to the above, we have also introduced previews for the following file formats:


  • Microsoft Visio
  • Bilingual Excel
  • Open Document Presentation (ODP)
  • Open Document Spreadsheet (ODS)
  • Portable Object (PO)
  • Regular Expression Text
  • Tab Delimited
  • CSV
  • Delimited Text

These new previews complement the following, previously released ones (more detail here: SDL Trados Live Team: Summer Releases - Highlights):

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • RTF
  • PDF
  • E-Mail
  • Open Document Text (ODT)
  • Photoshop
  • Subtitles
  • JavaResource
  • JSON
  • YAML
  • Markdown


DeepL and Amazon Machine Translation Providers

The Trados Live Team Add-On store now offers two new Machine Translation providers, with DeepL and Amazon Translate.

This is in addition to the previously available SDL Machine Translation Cloud, Google and Microsoft Machine Translation Providers.

Batch Download improvements in Task Inbox

We have now enabled the option to download multiple files of a project at once, from within the Task Inbox → Active view. This will download the latest version of a file, which would be an SDXLIFF for bilingual task types, or target file for Final Check.

This is enabled for the following task types:

  • Final Check
  • Translation
  • Linguistic Review
  • Implement Customer Review

Additionally, the files downloaded hereby will be prefixed with a unique Task-ID, which will be used in a future update to help with batch uploading of large numbers of files.


Online Editor improvements

We have released an update to the Online Editor, targeting overall enhanced performance and stability as well as resolving a significant number of bugs.
The highlights:

  • Improved performance and updates especially for fast typer
  • Comments and revision functionality has been improved and stabilized
  • Improved handling of BiDi and Asian languages
  • Enhanced AutoSuggest functionality to ease tag placements
  • Improved keyboard shortcut functionality
  • Added progress bars for long-running batch operations
  • The tour functionality was rebuilt to offer more relevant contextual help when needed


Additional changes

  • Resolved an issue with the projects report download not adhering to filters
  • Resolved an issue with webhooks not triggering for automatic tasks
  • Resolved an issue with columns in the Online Editor not showing for Customer Review tasks
  • Resolved an issue with a locked content error message being shown for Tracked changes content in the Online Editor
  • Error tasks that are force-completed from Stages view, will now be retried instead
  • Various bug fixes and user experience enhancements


We hope this post was informative, and we look forward to provide you with news and updates on the product very soon again.


SDL Product Team