SDL Trados Live Team - Update, November 2020

With the conclusion of this November, a new update was released to SDL Trados Live Team. We’re therefore taking the opportunity to provide you with an overview of the following exciting new and enhanced functionality since the last September update.

To benefit from the new features and updates, just log into SDL Trados Live Team and they will be available instantly.


Custom fields in Project Templates can now be ordered

The order of Custom fields can now be defined, to ensure they are displayed in certain order. This is especially helpful when offering the Customer Portal to requestors or if many custom fields are used.


Open files in Online Editor/Studio from Stages and Files view

We have now added more entry points into the Online Editor and Studio. While previously this was only possible from the Inbox, you can now open tasks in the Online Editor/Studio from the Project Details->Stages and Files views. This prevents a lot of jumping back and forth between Inbox and Projects for some users. Additionally, it makes it easier for project managers to open the file in the Online Editor in read-only mode even if assigned to other users.


Online Editor now shows more project details

In the Online Editor we have added the ability to show additional project information, such as file-name, project name and the location/customer.


Target language file support incl. pre-translated SDLXLIFF/XLIFF as source files

We have now enabled the ability to support target language files, such as pre-processed bilingual files or files with a target language code in the XML.
When such a file is submitted, the Scan task will check that the source and/or target languages match the project languages and then only copy the file to the appropriate target language.

For non-matching files and error task will be generated which can then be resolved by replacing the file, editing the file type configuration and retrying.


Project TM and Termbase in offline package

We have now introduced a new (optional) workflow task that will generate Project TMs and Termbase which will be delivered in offline packages downloaded.

All Workflow templates have been updated with this new task, which is disabled by default.

To enable this feature, in the workflow enable the Generate Offline Package Resources task.

For existing workflows, you will need to pick from a default Workflow template to include the new task.

Note: Project TMs will work with existing and older version of SDL Trados Studio, while Termbases will only work in Studio with the soon to be released SDL Trados Studio 2021 – Service Release 1.


Project Audit trail

We have now introduced a formal Project Audit trail for tracking and auditing user activities such as task acceptance and completion.

The audit trail section can be accessed through Project details->Files and by selecting a file which will open the sidebar.

The audit trail details can also be downloaded as Excel and CSV files, which include additional detail.


Additional places to generate target files

We have now added more locations where you can download target files (including intermediate files). The additional locations include:

Inbox -> Task details (for Translation and Review Tasks types)

Inbox -> Task details -> Files


Ability to prevent source text in segment editing

We have now added the ability to prevent editing of source text in segments at a project template and project settings level. This setting will initially apply to Online Editor.

Note: This option will only work in Studio with the soon to be released SDL Trados Studio 2021 – Service Release 1 – Cumulative Update 3.


Additional changes

  • You can now enable/disable Cross-repetition calculations from Project Settings ->Pre-Processing Settings-> Advanced Settings.
  • Introduced ability to extract number formatting in IDML filetype.
  • Added more details of Error tasks in Task history.
  • The “Start Project” button in Project list has been made more prominent.
  • Various bug fixes and UX enhancements.
  • File type configurations can now be changed from Engineering and Error tasks.
  • Added a button to copy error and warning notifications into clipboard.
  • Resolved an issue where formatting buttons in Online Editor did not work in certain scenarios.
  • Resolved an issue around Spanish-Latin American not offering a MT engine.
  • Resolved an issue with TM fields not showing in Project Templates.
  • Various bug fixes and UX enhancements.


We hope this post was informative and we look forward to continuing to provide you with updates to the product.

Phillip Maieski |

SDL Product Management Team