Very disappointed in Trados

Just a general post to state my overall extreme disappointment in Trados Studio, which sums up my feelings for it for as long as I have been using it over the past decade. It runs so slow, with terrible feedback, long lags constantly. When I start it up, it takes longer to load than any other application I use.

I recently upgraded to Studio 2022. I also just bought a brand-new PC, a pretty decent one (Microsoft Surface laptop), to try to get better performance than on my old PC. It is barely any better. The file I am currently translating is not even that big (22 mb), but it easily takes several seconds to progress from one segment to the next. Just incredible productivity loss with this time-wasting program.  Please do not tell me the problem is my hardware; my new PC works fine with other apps.

I just find it shocking how poor this product is and has always been, considering the high price tag and the coercitive upgrades required every couple years. If there is one point of solace I can take in the fact that the AI robots will replace us translators very soon is that at least then I won't be coerced into having to upgrade to a poor but pricy new version of Trados every few years.

Do other people have similar issues? I have trouble believing some translators get lightning-fast speed with Trados.