Why do my questions/ask for help disappear?


Have asked a couple of questions lately as my Trados 2022 seems to be going to pot. However, my questions are nowhere to be found in Trados Portfolio 1. General? I posted a questions a couple of weeks ago and received no replies, which I found strange. Yesterday, I again posted another question, then realised, when I checked a couple of hours later, that it didn't show online. I then RE-posted the same questions, COULD see it on top of other questions and thought it would be fine. Now, the day after, my question has disappeared AGAIN.

I have no idea if the same will happen now, I am starting to get pretty desperate as it is now impossible to even open Trados, I've tried following instructions in the Knowledge Base and have still not managed to open Trados.

Has there been a major change since RWS took over that I don't know about? I can see very few questions in this forum.

Best regards,