Glossary converter does not allow me to add a duplicate field with the same name but at a different level

Hello. I want to add to the Glossary Converter the list of fields and values that we have in our Multiterm termbase model. I need to add the same field with the same name twice because I want to add it at both the Term and Entry Field. I had managed that in the past without any problems as you can see in the image below.

However, I am not able to do that anymore. Once I have added a field with the name Client, I cannot add a second one with the same name. I have tried using an old xml file and modify it, starting from scratch, resetting the Glossary Converter settings and still nothing. When I click on Add new field and type in the name of the new field, nothing happens. I tried to use a slightly different name hoping to go back to it and then edit it but once you have created a field, there is no option to edit the name, you can just delete it or add a new field. Am I missing something? I don´t understand why it worked in the past and not now. By the way, why is the window to type the new field name completely hidden? it´s very difficult to get to, I have to hover over the GC icon on the task bar, right on top on the Add new field window, right-click on it and select Maximize to be able to display it properly. Thanks for your help. 

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