Generating target files from PDF source files in Studio 2021

Using Trados Studio 2021 and the online editor to translate a simple PDF.  I have Adobe Acrobat DC.

I created the project online, and imported the PDF.  Translation process was fine, but I was not able to generate a usable target file. The process generated an sdlxliff file, a .bcm file and a pdf file, which when opened in Adobe DC generated a "unsupported format or corrupt file error".  There was no .docx file generated, which is the case when generating target files from PDFs when using Trados Studio desktop. 

Any clues on what is going on?

My work around was to export the source PDF to a Word doc and then retranslate the entire thing, but that is not particularly convenient.  



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  • So to clarify, the entire process from creation through to generate target was done using Trados Live Cloud?
    I took a PDF - Created project using Trados Live. It was pre-translated (fully) and target files were generated.
    My target downloads produced MS word documents only. Not the SDLXLIFF or native PDF - while it is possible to also download SDLXLIFF files. 

    Please detail your workflow for start to end. 

    About your workaround - did the translations not save into your TM for a pre-translate?

    Thank you


  • I created a New Cloud Project in Trados Desktop and imported the PDF file.

    I opened the Cloud editor on my laptop and worked on the file.

    I returned to the Desktop version and clicked "Generate Target Translation (Cloud)".  That produced a .bcm and .pdf file on my local drive. But when opening the .pdf file, I got an "unsupported format error."

    I could not seem to download the project to my desktop and try to generate the target .docx file that way.

    I ended up creating an entirely new project on the desktop. The TM did populate the new file ,as long as I didn't use a Cloud Resource. I went back made sure to update the main memories only from the old online project and deactived the Cloud resources before re-analysing/populating the desktop project. That seemed to work.

  • Hi , thank you for your clarifications. We were able to reproduce your issue, but we are looking into the details, with regards to the root cause. In the meantime, I can confirm that if I purely rely on Trados Live we cant reproduce the error so that too can be an option for you rather than recreating the project.

    We will be in touch

  • Thanks.  I hope are are able to solve it.  On an unrelated note: I am looking for a instructional video about how to understand the process of working with Trados Live projects.  Do I have to "Complete" them before I can download them to the Desktop. Where can I find the project file so that I can open the file as a desktop project in the future? If I work on a Live projects, does the TM and Termbase on my desktop get updated automatically.  How can I be sure to keep the desktop resources updated with the Live projects?  Is there a video for this?  I have seen the basic one.

  • Hi 

    We have this logged with development, reference LG-31540

    There are two short term solutions / workarounds that you can do to overcome your reported issue:
    2. Simply rename the target file extension from .pdf to .docx

    I hope this update helpful 


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