SDL DXA Experience Optimization Module

The Experience Optimization module (formerly known as SmartTarget module) will give your content editor team direct access for setting up promotions, and using these on their website.

Before rolling out the promotions to live, the editor can preview the different scenarios by changing the footprint in Experience Manager.

Documentation of SmartTarget:

Documentation of Experience Optimization 8:

Digital Experience Accelerator

The SDL Digital Experience Accelerator helps you create, design and publish an SDL Tridion-based Web site quickly by doing the groundwork for you: it consists of Publications that are ready to publish to a dynamic, responsive and device-independent Web site with a customizable HTML design.

The SDL Digital Experience Accelerator creates a foundation for you to build on, and reduces the SDL Tridion domain knowledge required to develop front-end
(Web application) functionality. It provides a standard for creating and sharing content-related Web application functionality and widgets to optimize and
accelerate the delivery of SDL Tridion-driven Web sites with rich user experiences.

What is Experience Optimization / SmartTarget

SDL Experience Optimization / SmartTarget enhances the SDL Tridion Web Content Management platform by adding targeting and personalization capabilities to every aspect of the user journey,
including content, promotions, navigation and onsite search. SDL SmartTarget is built with technology from SDL Fredhopper, a leading sales and marketing
optimization software provider.

SDL SmartTarget leverages dynamic relevancy and predictive targeting to deliver meaningful and tailored website experiences and offers based on a consumer's
individual profile. As a result, click-through and transaction rates climb, resulting in increased revenue and consumer satisfaction

Developer:    SDL DXA team
License agreement:    Apache License, Version 2.0
Version:    1.7
Source repository:

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