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SDL DXA 51Degrees Module

The DXA 51Degrees Module makes it possible to let your DXA 1.5 Web Application use the Device Detection functionality provided by 51Degrees instead of the default device detection provided by of the SDL Web Context Engine.


Analyze and optimize web traffic by SmartPhone, Tablet, Bots/Crawlers or other device types, physical screen size, price band, amongst hundreds of other properties. Device, operating system and browser characteristics are all available both client and server side. Over 450,000 combinations of device are supported, with over 170 new devices added weekly. 51Degrees is the fastest and most accurate device intelligence solution available.

Full List of Properties

What Can It Do?

51Degrees device intelligence compliments Responsive Web Design (RWD) providing a wider range of features to optimize for different devices both client and server side. For example:

  1. Understand how goal completion varies by device characteristics such as physical screen size by adding additional data to existing reporting and analytics.
  2. Utilize the superior power of the web server and SDL DXA to make macro level decisions concerning page layout, navigation and design leading to superior performance, user experience and profit.
  3. Implement device specific user interface features such as;
    a. Prominent “Tap to Call” or “Tap to SMS” on devices that always support such features.
    b. Rich hover optimised mega menus on non-touch screen devices.
    c. Optimize navigation on complex sites for different screen sizes.
  4. Reduce regression testing by using templates selected on browser capabilities. That is: no need to regression test leading edge enhancements on legacy browsers.

Who Benefits?

Common business sectors who increase profits using device intelligence include:

  • Advertising – maximise click through rates
  • eCommerce – increase checkout completion
  • Publishers – improve performance and dwell time
  • Finance – optimise financial transaction completion
  • Travel – better search and booking experience
  • Gaming – faster performance

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See documentation on the module:


Developer:    SDL DXA team
License agreement:    Apache License, Version 2.0
Version:    1.7
Source repository:

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