SDL’s New Brand Identity

This animation shows how our new brand is applied to some of our websites:,, and
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  • Hi , thanks for your feedback! The branding update as shown by here primarily refers to incorporating the new SDL brand into our visual design for the website. As you can imagine, rebranding is a huge project and process and involves the whole company. We in the UX team are not involved with naming or renaming products, but we will pass on your feedback to our colleagues in marketing. Kind regards, Philipp.

  • The brand identity is fine as far as I'm concerned. However, it would be nice if you could stay still for awhile. It is difficult to have conversations with people about testing products if a product name keeps changing. A brand that keeps losing its identity with the product is a brand that is not, let us say, fully communicating that je nais sais quoi about user goals and technology and that a brand is supposed to communicate.  Instead, it ends up communicating Je ne sais pas....