And the winner is...

The last 3 months of 2016 we held a competition in the SDL Community. The goal for all the participants was to contribute to the community and earn as many points as possible. On this page you can see the guidelines, the terms and how to collect points. Of course now that the competition is over, it will soon be changed into a general page about how to collect points but contributions are still valuable and we are very pleased with everyone who’s participating in the community. Also you will still be able to earn lots of points. Level up and have some fun sharing your knowledge and helping others out. One day you might need the help from someone yourself!

It was an exciting competition, from SDL’s point of view, hopefully our members also liked participating in the competition. Now to the most important part of this announcement, the moment we’ve been waiting for, the last three months. Let’s announce the winners.

We choose to award two prizes.

The winners are:

  1. Jesse Good as the top (valuable) contributor between September 26 and December 31st 2016
  2. Daniel Brockmann as the top (valuable) SDL Internal contributor between September 26 and December 31st 2016

Congratulations to both of you!! We will contact you and send your well-earned Apple Watch as soon as possible!
Hopefully you’re happy with your prize and we look forward seeing you share more of your knowledge in the SDL Community.
On the second and third place we also have members that participated a lot in the last three months.
We're sending you a special SDL Community t-shirt!

Thanks for participating!