Group Leaderboards! Are you on it?

Did you know you are collecting points in the SDL Community for almost all your contributions?
Already for 3 years you're receiving points for almost everything you do in our community.
Curious how to collect them? Read it here.

Now that you know you're receiving points for a lot of actions I think you also like to know how many points you have, don't you?
You can find that in your profile or in your personal activity stream. (Another new link probably Slight smile )
With all those points and achievements it would be nice to show off a little.. Definitely in one of the Product Groups you're most active in..
That's why we recently enabled Group Leaderboards in our Product Community Groups and Developer Groups!

Start a challenge with colleagues or peers in the same group to see who can become #1 on the Leaderboard!

Here's an example of a Leaderboard in one of our product groups:

Congratulations  with the first place on the SDL Language Cloud Leaderboard!
Who's going to challenge him?

Leaderboards are also shown on the main page of the group, most of the time in the left pane:

One thing to note for the group leaderboards: Total earned points for this group-leaderboard will not match a user's total earned points in the entire SDL Community.

Check out groups you're a member of and find out if you're on the leaderboard!
Not on the leaderboard yet? Try answering some questions, like or rate a post, share an Idea/Enhancement Request or consider writing a blog article. Wink

Good luck everyone!