Improving the SDL Community

The SDL Community Team is trying to improve the community on an ongoing basis.

What we are working on:

  • the user experience
  • usability
  • layout
  • design (group icon changes**)
  • response time
  • getting more content in the community
  • small adjustments

The coming months you'll see the changes and hopefully like it.

To make sure the SDL Community is a good place to ask questions and find documents, best parctices, etc. we need input from our members.
It would be great to get some feedback and suggestions/ideas from our community members.
Let us know what your ideas are regarding community, what do you think we need to add? What do you think needs to be changed? What maybe annoys you?
Don't hesitate, comment below and tell us your thoughts!

** Group icon changes
We are changing the group icons, a new design is made and every group will get a new icon.
The new icons are having a brighter/paler look and align better with each other.
An example:



In this example we also change the name, the OpenExchange now is called SDL App Store.

Another example:

The User groups are now more align with each other.
What do you think?