New changes in RWS Community’s menu!

New changes in RWS Community’s menu!

Dear RWS Community members, we have news we want to share with you. As part of our commitment to continually improve and streamline your experience, we are delighted to announce some significant changes to our menu structure. These changes are designed to make navigation more user-friendly and to enhance your overall engagement within the RWS Community.


Here's a breakdown of the menu changes that you can expect:


  1. Product Groups becomes Products:

We understand the importance of easy access to the products you love. To make it simpler for you, we have consolidated our Product Groups into a single, intuitive "Products" section. Now, you can find all the information you need about your favorite products in one place!


  1. Ideas - Now Located Alongside Products:

Your valuable ideas and suggestions are crucial to us. As such, we have decided to keep the "Ideas" section unchanged. However, to ensure better visibility and facilitate easier feedback, we have moved the "Ideas" section right next to the "Products" section. This means you can now seamlessly explore product information and contribute your ideas in a more cohesive manner.


  1. Developers & More becomes Developers:

We appreciate the vibrant community of developers in the RWS ecosystem. To better serve you, we have transformed the "Developers & More" section into a concise and focused "Developers" section. Within this new category, you will find subgroups conveniently organized by product categories such as "Trados Portfolio," "Translation Management," and "Tridion Portfolio." This restructuring allows you to dive deeper into the specific areas you are interested in.


  1. & More Shifts to the About & Private Menus:

The "& More" part of the initial "Developers & More" group has found a new home! Part of it has been transferred to our new "About" menu, while part of it became its own section - Private. Here, you will have easy access to essential information that was initially in the original group. This change ensures that important resources and feedback channels are readily accessible to their respective community members.

  1. Partners & User Groups becomes Partners:

Lastly, we recognize the significance of collaboration and partnerships within our community. Therefore, we have streamlined the "Partners & User Groups" section into a more straightforward "Partners" category. This adjustment aims to foster stronger connections among partners and create a unified space for networking and collaboration.


These updates are set to go live on August 1st. We hope that these menu changes will make your journey through the RWS Community even more enjoyable and productive. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, so please feel free to share your thoughts on these changes or any other suggestions you might have.

Thank you for being an essential part of the RWS Community. Let's continue to grow together, share ideas, and create meaningful connections!

The RWS Community Team