NEW: Machine Translation in the RWS Community

I'm happy to announce that we've implemented Language Weaver Cloud to the RWS Community website which makes it possible for you to translate the website on the spot.

The solution is implemented in two ways:

1. Translate all content of a page

You can do this by clicking on "Show Translation Options" in the right upper corner of a page, see the screenshot below.

This will translate all content on the page, you can also:

2. Translate a forum thread or comment/answer separately.

From 25+ languages to English..

Or from English to for instance Albanian:

This Machine Translation feature makes it possible for people ask questions in their own language, reply to others in their own language and understand a post in a foreign language.
It's no longer necessary to speak English to contribute to the RWS Community.

Try it out yourself and leave us your feedback to continue to improve our community!

Thank you!