Only One winner in November!

In October we announced the two members in the SDL Community with the highest contributions and the most active member of the month. Once again, well done to them!

For the month November we have only one new winner. Let me quickly explain again what the requirements for the achievements are.

The achievements are:

  1. The most active member of the month
  2. The top contributor of the month

The most active member is the person who viewed, engaged, contributed to, or originated the most content in that month.
The top contributor of the month is the person who created to most forum threads, blog posts or answered the most questions in that month.

Now that that is done, let’s get to it!

Congratulations to:

Jesse Good as the Most Active Member of the Month!
Jesse Good as the Top Contributor of the Month!

The achievements will now be visible in your profile.
We appreciate your effort and hope you keep sharing your knowledge in the SDL Community.

Now, December, the last month of the Apple Watch Competition. People’s last chance to get a chance to win an Apple watch! Keep contributing and earn points. See the Leaderboards here to see who’s leading at the moment.

Thanks and good luck to all!