Two new winners of the monthly awards!

In October and November we announced the two members in the SDL Community with the highest contributions and the most active member of the month, for the last time we will announce the new monthly winners.

For the month December we have two (new) winners. Let me quickly explain again what the requirements for the achievements are.

The achievements are:

  1. The most active member of the month
  2. The top contributor of the month

The most active member is the person who viewed, engaged, contributed to, or originated the most content in that month.
The top contributor of the month is the person who created to most forum threads, blog posts or answered the most questions in that month.

We all know the name Jesse Good already, a very active and contributing member in the SDL Community, once again congratulations to you!
And we have a new most active member of the month: Raj Kumar!

Once again quickly, congratulations:

Raj Kumar as SDL's Most Active Member of December!

Jesse Good as SDL's Top Contributor of December!

We've awarded the achievements to you, enjoy your reward, we are happy with your participation.