How to navigate through the RWS Community

In this video we will show you how to navigate through the RWS Community in a short 2 minute video.

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  • Hi Lennert!

    What  a great reply!. - I just found another explanation on Acronym finder, i.e.Rogue Wave Software (various locations). But I am sure that this will not apply to SDL RWS either.

    And who were these people?  - It looks as if I again stabbed the wasp's nest..

    The letters RWS are all over the place on the SDL sites. And not only is there nowhere an explanation given but even you do not know - or deign to tell who these original company starters had been.

    Wikipedia says - Trados wurde 1984 von Jochen Hummel und Iko Knyphausen als Übersetzungsagentur gegründet. Neiter of these names starts with RWS.

    It is obvious that you need urgently an About button and give the relevant information there.

  • Hi again Harry,

    The names of the people were: 'Maria Randall' and 'Kit Woolcott', those are representing the R and the W.
    Then we still have the S left, which is the abbreviation of 'Services'.
    So the meaning of RWS is: Randall Woolcott Services. Established in 1982.
    Attached to my reply a nice image explaining the history of RWS in short.

    Then answering your question about Trados. Trados is part of a number of products and services in RWS's offerings. Trados was acquired by the company SDL in the past and SDL merged with RWS since last year. So you're right, Jochem Hummel and Iko Knyphause did not start the company RWS and also do not represent the Acronym.

    Hope this helps! Thanks for your interest.

  • Eh bien voilà. Des trucs si beaux. -

    Yes Lennert. - I would not call it "help" <what for?>. But this makes it very clear. And the insert is great. Thanks.

    What remains for your - or SDL's, in the wider sense - to-do-list is to make this very clear on the website too. Be it in "about" or anywhere else. And it would certainly a good Idea that you insert the picture

    clip there too.


    harry harryman