Exciting Learning Opportunity: Term Entry Templates Course

Exciting Learning Opportunity: Term Entry Templates Course

Calling all linguists and terminologists in the RWS Community!

Our latest course, Term Entry Templates, is designed to equip you with essential skills for more effective entry creation. Learn practical techniques to ensure consistency and quality across your termbases.

Dart Course Overview

This 20-minute course is tailored for administrators, lead project managers, and terminologists  who want to enhance their proficiency in terminology and termbase management using term entry templates. As a prerequisite, learners must already be familiar with termbase management.

This course is offered for free on the Trados Learning Hub on the RWS University. Not yet a member of RWS University? No problem! Simply register yourself on our sign-up page here, then navigate to the Catalog, where a world of Trados learning awaits you.

In this engaging course, you'll grasp key terminology concepts, master cloud-based termbase creation, and gain practical skills for efficient term importation and termbase maintenance.

Here are some of topics covered in the course: 

Blue book Introduction: Discover the utility of term entry templates for faster entry creation and enhanced consistency.

Mag Definition and Permissions: Understand term entry templates and required permissions for creating, editing, and deleting term entries.

Bulb Impact of Field Properties: Explore how field properties influence term entry creation and learn how to configure them effectively.

Clapper Creating and Using Term Entry Templates: Find out how to create a term entry template and how to use it for faster term entries creation.

Books Correlations Between Field Properties: Uncover relevant correlations to ensure smooth term entry creation and maintain data integrity.


Take the next step in optimizing your termbase management! Enroll today and gain practical skills for maintaining consistency and quality in your termbase.