How to Reference External dll to Generate Plug-ins

Dear All

When generating plug-ins, I need to refer to the external dll encrypted by myself. who can give me some advice?

Thank you very much

  • as I know it is not necessary, I created my plugin for my site  Upsers Login Portal, If you want your site to more secure and the site will take a lot of  data  that it must be

  • Hi ,

    If you have dependencies that should be compiled and distributed with the plugin package, then you will need to mention these from the plugin manifest.  The following example demonstrates how you can add a reference (e.g. Rws.MultiSelectComboBox.dll) that should be included with the plugin package + unpacked in the unpacked plugin folder when Studio launches.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <PluginPackage xmlns="">
    	<PlugInName>Multilingual Excel FileType</PlugInName>
    	<Description>Multilingual Excel File Type</Description>
    	<Author>Trados AppStore Team</Author>
    	<RequiredProduct name="TradosStudio" minversion="17.0" maxversion="17.9"/>