understanding sdlxliff files



I would like to programm an online tool (maybe as offline app later on) in order to automatically alter existing SDLXLIFF and xliff files (and maybe also for other translation file types).

From what I understood it is not possible to create new sdlxliff files without using Trados, right?

Another question I have is about the tag <internal-file ...> within sdlxliff files: what is all this "garbage" about?

I guess it's encrypted or compressed information about how Trados should handle the file, but can I alter the rest of the file e.g. by adding (sub)segments or other information without having to change this part? Or is it not possible outside of Trados as this part would also need to be changed during that process?

Are there other things I need to pay attention to?




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  • Hi Do Lee (DoLee)

    It's an embedded resource inside of the Sdl.FileTypeSupport.Bilingual.dll
    You can view it with a decompiler like ILSpy.
    I find looking at the code is the only way to understand how Trados Studio works sometimes.

    Is there any other standards for SDL stuffs ?
    (for instance, Tag rules etc.)

    Not sure what you mean by "Tag rules". If you had a specific question, I might be able to help.

  • ah.. Decompile.. yes that's a good tip

    for tags, not really, I do not have any kind of specific questions.
    I'm using this RegExp to catch tags and looking for the nicer 'perfect' rules that is why I am wondering about the tag standard of SDL