MultiTerm SDK API: Problems with description fields in an SDK Created Termbase

Got a bit of an odd one, well two actually.

I have a Definition XDT file, that contains:

  • Term_UUID = readonly
  • Image = Multimedia file

When I create a termbase via MultiTerm, the Term_UUID is (correctly) not editable, and I am able to select a file for the Image:

However, if I create a termbase via the MultiTerm SDK (using the same XDT file), the Term_UUID is available to edit and the Image filed, although defined as a "Multimedia File" is defaulted to text input.


Is there a known issue/fix for this?



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  • Here is the simple code used to create the termbase via the SDK. 
    As you can see, this is pretty much straight off the SDK shelf.

    Application CreateTermbaseApplication = new Application();
    TermbaseRepository CreateTermbaseRepository = CreateTermbaseApplication.LocalRepository; CreateTermbaseRepository.Connect("", "");
    Termbases CreateTermbaseTermbases = CreateTermbaseRepository.Termbases;
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