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SDL Support e-mails

Would it be difficult to show in an SDL support e-mail the history of the exchange?


As in any normal e-mail thread... Otherwise we keep logging in to the slow SDL account and looking for messages while this could be a lot simpler.




  • Hi Clara, 

    This area is specific for ideas related to this RWS community platform. Your suggestion cannot be addressed by us (community team). The best place to raise suggestions like this is to send an email to They should be in the position to follow-up.


  • Hi Lennert,

    No. Sorry I was not clear and I am also not sure I posted it in the right community group.

    In the SDL Account we have a Support page, where SDL support team assist us in any technical issue we have. When such ticket of support is created or replied to, we automatically receive an e-mail. The problem is the e-mail only contains the current comment, and not the history since the beginning of the ticket. Not even an hyperlink to open directly the concerned ticket.

    So when several Support tickets are going on, it is difficult to remember the thread of each ticket and going to SDL Account and logging to the support page and looking for the right ticket takes too long. If only the e-mail could contain the whole thread of comments...

    Please let me know if you see what I mean :)


  • Hi Clara, Thanks for logging your idea.

    Do you mean you would like to receive more emails from things you subscribed to in the Community or from

    Apologies if I'm misunderstanding!