SDL Language Cloud (Trados Team/Enterprise) API: Need workload statistics information for each language combination in the API.

X-LC-Tenant: 6304e5b98938546757b68b2d
X-LC-TraceId: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Request URL:
Request body: none
Response status code: 200
Response body:
"id": "6317517ad4fb0864cb787260",
"name": "Test Project 1",
"status": "inProgress",
"analytics": {
"workloadStatistics": {
"completed": 1,
"total": 4
Expected result: The `workload statistics` field returns the status data for each language combination of a project.
Actual result: It returns data from the entire project.
Description: The `workload statistics` field is only available for the entire project, whereas we were hoping this information would be available for each language combination of a project.

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