Welcome to the Trados Studio API Developers Community!

Are you a developer working with Trados Studio APIs, or looking to dive into this world? You've found the right place! This community is designed to support, inspire, and enhance your Trados Studio API experience.

Here you can ask all your questions on API functionalities, troubleshoot your code, report potential API or core product bugs, discuss new features or API suggestions.

We also host a wiki section. It's the go-to place for getting started guides, API tips & tricks, and essential upgrade information. And to further aid your API journey, we're curating a collection of additional resources, including sample code and tutorials, offering practical help to ease your development process.

Need a developer license? You can request one directly from our platform. Please make sure you review the information we will need before submitting your request.

Finally, don't forget to check out our RWS GitHub pages. We are proud to maintain a library of open-source applications there, offering a sneak peek into various implementations and inspiring your creativity. Whether you're here to solve a problem, learn new things, or contribute to the growing knowledge base, we're excited to have you in the Trados Studio API Developer Community. Let's code, learn, and grow together!

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