New release versions for ISHServer (v1.1) and ISHBootstrap (v0.7)

Following  announcement Did you know… we are working on PowerShell automation libraries that we are working on PowerShell automation toolkits I would like to share with everyone the availability of new versions for ISHServer and ISHBootstrap.

ISHServer v1.1

ISHServer is powershell module that automated the preparation of a clean Windows Server operating system.

Currently only ISHServer.12 is available in the PowerShell gallery to align with SDL Knowledge Center 2016 releases for Content Manager. 

This module has been available for sometime already but the new version 1.1 adds two new interesting options:

  • Support for Amazon AWS S3 buckets for the files it depends on. That is for the cmdlets that download the Prerequisites, the CD and the AntennaHouse license. The functionality was already present for FTP sources.
  • Support for the provisioning of the Content Manager (ISH) CD. This is brand new. Get-ISHCD is the cmdlet to look into.

ISHBootstrap v0.7 offers the tooling for an end to end SDL Knowledge Center deployment. It depends on ISHServer but it does so much more.

- For systems with PowerShell version 4, it will install the necessary components for PackageManagement.

- Install the necessary powershell modules. e.g. ISHServer and ISHDeploy depending on the version.

- Install the prerequisites and run the server's configuration

- Download and expand the CD

- Install the CD

- Run the ISHDeploy configuration scripts

All the above are "remoting" enabled and can be executed locally or while targeting a remote computer.

Also, each step is backed by one or more scripts so the ISHBootstrap provides the necessary level of granularity for anyone to build a his own orchestration. That can be Chef, AWS cloud formation and code commit, Azure, Puppet Vagrant etc

ISHBootstrap comes with a small orchestration example repository that is powered by a JSON file. There is a How to use the repository (Examples) tutorial.


If you want to do a quick demo dry run then take a look at the ISHBootstrapDemo. I created this repository just before the SDL Connect summit to showcase how easy it is to fully bootstrap an empty Operating System. The repository has an embedded JSON file that shows has simple it is. Please take notice that the example is based on SDL's ftp and you will need to provide you ftp credential. Also, there is an expected structure on the FTP server that is not currently available for all FTP accounts. Please ask your support engineer to make the necessary artifacts available for your account also.