Released ISHDeploy Powershell module version 1.3 for code as configuration

Please refer to previous release announcement for some background information regarding ISHDeploy. 

With this new version, ISHDeploy helps configure and control the state of the Translation Services. All cmdlets are fully documented online and code oriented tutorials are also provided.

  • Integrating translation jobs with SDL World Server.
  • Integrating translation jobs with SDL TMS.
  • Exporting translation jobs to the file system.
  • Configuring the services.
  • Scaling the services.

With the new release, the following modules are available in PowerShell Gallery for the respected versions of Knowledge Center

  • ISHDeploy.12.0.0 for Knowledge Center 2016 Content Manager
  • ISHDeploy.12.0.1 for Knowledge Center 2016 SP1 Content Manager
  • ISHDeploy.12.0.3 for Knowledge Center 2016 SP3 Content Manager

More detailed release notes are available online at If you are using a previous release, please refer to the main overview section of SDL's open source initiatives. A list of all modules on PowerShell gallery is available with this query.