How to auto deploy updates to DITA-OT folder on RWS Cloud server using Git?


We recently migrated our RWS servers from in-house to RWS Cloud.

We would like to continue using our Git code repos to sync with the contents of /App/Utilities/DITA-OT/ folder on the cloud server (not production but test server). We have FTP access to this server.

Can RWS configure this folder on server so that we can clone it and push updates to it?

Any advice appreciated,



  • Hello Ann,

    I think you should navigate to the desired location (/App/Utilities/DITA-OT/) on the server using the command line or terminal. Use the git clone command followed by the URL of your Git repository to clone it onto the server. For example:

    git clone <repository_url>

    This will create a local copy of the repository on the server. Then you can configure Git remotes. In the cloned repository on the server, you can set up a remote for your Git repository. This allows you to push updates from your local repository on the server to the remote repository. Use the git remote command to add a remote. For example:

    git remote add origin <repository_url>

    After that you should replace <repository_url> with the URL of your Git repository. Push updates to the remote repository: After making changes or updates to the files in the /App/Utilities/DITA-OT/ folder on the server, you can commit the changes and use the git push command to push the changes to the remote repository. For example:

    git add .
    git commit -m "Updated files"
    git push origin <branch_name>

    Finally, you can replace <branch_name> with the name of the branch you want to push the changes to.