Need to use the API or IshRemote to create publication objects


I am trying to automate the creation of CCMS publications. I've been able to create a script that generates and imports the publication data (maps, topics, media, etc), however, I'm stuck on the creation of the actual publication objects. To be clear, I'm not referring to publication outputs, but instead I am trying to create the top-level publication object that contains links to the baseline, bookmap, resources, and outputs as well as persisting the conditionalization settings among other metadata.

I probably overlooked something as the absence of this functionality is a pretty big problem in terms of automation. I looked through the API docs and also reviewed the IshRemote help, but I found no mention of publication objects or methods to manipulate them. I also searched this site and the internet for other mentions, but found nothing. Either the methods for creating publication objects is painfully obvious and isn't documented, or it doesn't seem to exist. 

Can anyone confirm that top-level publication object creation is possible via the API and, if possible, point me to documentation or a code example?

Thanks in advance,

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