Why doesn't ReviewSpace show me all the texts provided in conref'ed elements?

I am reviewing "ReviewSpace" to see if we can use this application in our organization. The "first look" is positive, but a few things don't work too well.

  1. Information provided by <keyref> and <conkeyref> does not display. I assume this is because "ReviewSpace" offers information before the publication processing takes place. Still, is there a way to fix this?

  2. All my maps show up in the outline. This is not a big problem for me, but it could be a problem for reviewers unfamiliar with the DITA structure. A workaround is to ditch the maps' titles, but they still show up with the text "Type the title." How can I remove the maps from ReviewSpace?

  3. I use a lot of <conref>. In the outline view, the titles of my topics are not shown; the structure simply displays a lot of "Untitled concepts". Only the title of the <chapter> is shown. How can I read these titles?

  4. Text elements that are conref'ed generally work well, but not in bullet lists. I have several lists with "Parameter": "Value", and the text for "Parameter" does not display. Why not? How can I read the texts?

  5. Texts and images that are hidden with conditions still show up. They are just presented with a red background. How can I make them disappear?

My issues here relate to the user experience for "non-DITA" users who will use "ReviewSpace." I am afraid I need to explain all these issues, which may reduce their motivation to use it.

Screenshot of Trados Studio ReviewSpace showing a bullet list with missing 'Parameter' text next to yellow highlighted question marks indicating an error.



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  • Hi Ragnar,

    from what I can see, you are currently on TD14SP2, so some of your requests have been implemented with later releases. But let's go through them in order:

    to 1.): Indeed, keyref and conkeyref are not fully supported in Collective Spaces and given our preference for variables being maintained in libraries, this might nor change soon. What we can offer as a customization, would be a custom side panel, where you could show keyvalues.

    to 2.): Review Space always shows all referenced objects because otherwise you will not be able to see the hierarchy at all. So I am afraid, there is no way to go around that if you use nested maps to define the structure. Only workaround could be to create a "review map" that recreates the structure but doesn't use nested maps.

    to 3.): That's one of the things that is fixed with the current release (even if I would say conrefs for topic titles is a very unusual use case and I am not aware of any other customer doing that ;-))

    to 4.): What element are you using as "container" for the conref here? I just tested and it works fine in my TD15 test instance with <p> inside the <li>. In the screenshot below, you can see a title conref'ed from the next topic with the outline resolving the conref and "Form:" and "Height:" being conrefed from a library and resolving within an <ul>:
    Screenshot of Trados Studio interface showing Joerg's first task in the Tridion Docs with a title conref'ed from the next topic and 'Form:' and 'Height:' conrefed from a library within an unordered list.

    to 5.): That also had been implemented with SP3 I think. We originally thought it would be helpful if reviewers can review all options but feedback from the community was in accordance with your question. So, since SP3, Review Space does filter conditionalized content and only shows what will be included in the output.




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  • Thank you for these answers Jörg! And yes, we do quite a few weird "things" in our DITA publications, including <conref> elements in <titles>:-) It's incredible how many times you can reuse titles! I believe we are up for an update when we get new stylesheets, so I look forward to the changes that have been made.

    regards Ragnar