XPP CSS Style Development e-learning updated and available now for latest XPP versions!

This e-learning course has been updated to include information on the management and use of the XPP Page Sequence and Page Layout specs that were added in XPP 9.4. Further, a new module has been added for creating boxes with CSS. Your developers can leverage this updated on-line, self-paced training course to bring these new productivity improvements to your publishing workflow.

For a limited time we are also offering volume discounts for this training course starting with 5 students making this a great time to ramp your development team up with the latest and greatest!

This e-learning course allows developers creating XPP styles to leverage the industry-standard CSS style development language while harnessing the power and unique capabilities XPP provides to produce automated, high typographic quality content deliverables.

  • Are you interested in leveraging CSS for your new documents?
  • Do you plan to migrate from Classic or XML styling to CSS?
  • Do you have CSS style developers you’d like to leverage for XPP style development?
  • Wouldn’t this be a good time to learn something new?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, or you want further information on the updated course or new volume discounts, we encourage you to look into our online, on demand, self-paced e-learning course – SDL XPP CSS Style Development!


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