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Conditional display root handles in Pathfinder


I would like the ability to selectively / conditionally display certain root handles in Pathfinder. 

My particular use case is that I have a number of items in development that should not be visible to users in production until they're moved into a path that production users can see. 

Similar to the .ini files for xzplorer-deni, xyview etc... would it be possible to have Pathfinder react to a user local version of the xypath.ini file?

Thanks for considering this. 

- Thomas

  • This topic / ask came up again today in a development meeting. 

    Having this functionality reside in XPP would eliminate the need for (somewhat) messy workarounds related to permissions or cloning servers/environments. 

  • This is a great idea, Thomas. I also like your specific suggestion for how to do it.

    I would not only like to see this, I already have the same use cases myself. For example, I already do it via a pretty kludgy workaround (Unix only) involving creating "alternate" xz folders in the app tree, the contents of which are all symlinks to the real xz children, EXCEPT for xypath.ini, which contains only the root handles I want. Then I create alternate "/etc/xyvision/xystart" scripts where I reset XYV_EXECS to the alternate xz folder, and cause those to be the default xystart for the various groups of users we want to have the limited list of root handles. It works, even though I recall Steve Piercey rolling his eyes at a conference a while back when I described it to him!