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Under Community Review

We are working directly with Bart and the specific customer who has requested this to define how we might implement this. I'm encouraging any customers who have a specific use case for this to contact me directly ( so we can include you in those discussions. I will post an update here later this month.

Extend directPDF to allow us to create PDF forms

I have a major XPP site that needs to create PDF forms.

I would be great if in XPP we could define things like checkboxes, text fields, dropdown boxes, etc.., so that we can automate the production of these forms.

I guess that this would only become possible when using directPDF.
I would prefer to see this added to XyPerl (or maybe even macros). 
It would be great if this can done through CSS, but maybe things would become too complex.
From what I have seen pdfLib (the software library underpinning the directPDF), offers that possibility.