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field 'xymacro spec' in job ticket should be named 'Main macro spec'

I was training an XPP newbie this week and while explaining how and where the system tracks down a macro, it suddenly occurred to me that the 'xymacro spec' field in the job ticket has a confusing name.
In the pathfinder interface the mx macro spec is labeled as it should be: Main Macros.
Yet the corresponding field in the job ticket is labeled 'xymacro spec'.
While the real xymacro spec is actually the 'xy_sys' file that lives in the Lsyslib and corresponds to the content of the xymacro book.

To make things even more confusing, when you run an 'sdedit jt job -xml -aout ..., you end up with an xml file in which this field is labeled as <mxfile>...</mxfile> (same name is used in the non-xml version)

All of this is very confusing for newbies and even non newbies

Hence my request to end this confusion and relabel this field as 'Main macro spec', which corresponds to what it actually is.