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Set free our numeric keypad! - take 2

First of all:
No I am not asking to change the current behavior.

I am just asking to add the following selectable feature to the system:

  • please add to the xyview.ini and sdedit.ini a setting that will re-enable the normal numeric keypad functionality so that I can use the numeric keypad to enter digits

This will allow individual users who do not use the numeric keypad to drive the soft menu keys, but who prefer the mouse to drive either the soft menu keypad, to use the numeric keypad as a normal numeric keypad and use it to enter numeric information in the xyview or sdedit in a more functional way.

Users who prefer to use the xyview or sdedit in a more traditional way just leave their xyview.ini or sdedit.ini file the way it was. And nothing will change for them!

PS: sorry for re-entering this same idea but I think that I did not explain things very well the first time and people got the wrong idea about this feature request

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