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Status Window: Change display when using CSS

Something that had not occurred to me until someone (from SDL!) mentioned it. In the item format world we have font heights such as 10q and widths as 46p etc and these then display as such in the Status Window. However when using CSS-XML we need to enter 10pt and 46pc but the Status window still displays 10q and 46p etc.

Can the status window be changed to dynamically display the appropriate annotations when in CSS-XML?

  • For people who are using CSS (and are new to the system) it would make a lot of sense to use and see the same notation.
    So I think this is a very good idea as it would make the use of the system more consistent.

    And as a side note:
    How many people know that you can use the pt, pc,... notation also in all of your macros? 
    So yes <sz;12pt> works just as well as <sz;12q>