Under Community Review

Text Mode - Saved text should appear identical after it is restored

Working primarily in Text Mode, we use many restores daily, as templates (with placeholder text to be updated immediately after each restore).

To help easily locate the content needing to be updated, we format the appearance of the text (Med, Bold, Serif, Sans, etc) before the text was saved. This is generally done by composing the text before saving. However, we have noticed that the text appearance changes after each restore, depending on the text that already exists on the open division.

Example: restored bold text sometimes appears medium, serif sometimes appears sans, etc.

Although we definitely acknowledge that Text Mode is just a workspace that has nothing to do with the final publication, this is more of an efficiency and UI matter.

Our recent support ticket with SDL Engineering helped uncover that in Text Mode, the appearance of restored text is dependent on any existing text above the restore, being caused by ‘invisible’ code relative to Font Family and Font Variant, that is output with the restored text. A lengthy (and helpful) explanation was provided.

So, while Text Mode is technically working properly, it currently works in visibly unpredictable ways.

We would benefit from an update by SDL, to make restored text appear identically to how the text was saved. Hopefully other XPP users agree!

-Lew McCarty