Idea Delivered Partially

1. Provide a Ger-> British English language pair, 2. Allow Studio AutoCorrect settings to apply to LWE NMT suggestions in Studio

1. It would be very helpful if there was a purely British English language pair for German -> English in Language Weaver Edge. At the moment, the German -> English language pair produces a mixture of British English and American English, even though our own training material is 100 % British English, resulting in a significant post-editing effort for our translators who have to stick to one variety (British English).

2. Until a German -> British English language pair is provided, we would like to mitigate this post-editing effort by applying AutoCorrect settings in Studio to LWE NMT suggestions (e.g. -ize -> -ise, -ized -> -ised etc). It would be desirable for AutoCorrect settings in Studio to apply to LWE NMT suggestions, when a LWE NMT suggestion appears in a segment in Studio.

  • Hi Natalie,

    The Language Weaver Edge API is supporting feedback submission, but the Studio Plugin will have to be updated to support it. A change request has been submitted to the team in charge of the Edge Studio plugin  development and I hope this is something which can be implemented on the short term.

    We will update this forum when this feature becomes available.

    Thank you

  • Hi  ,

    Thank you for the information on British English and Language Weaver Edge 8.6. May I ask a follow-up question regarding LWE 8.6?

    In another thread, you wrote:

    "In our next release (8.6 - to be released in October 22), we will support:

    • Adaptation on CPU (the GPU will not longer be a requirement - training will be longer, but will be possible). Training on CPU will be possible on both Windows and Linux.
    • Auto adaptive Language Pairs: with auto adaptive language pairs, the models are constantly trained with data available, including the uploaded translation memories, the dictionaries and also the user feedback provided (collected through the LW Edge UI). The training happens in the background and there is no need to perform manual operations such as deployment of trained models. In Studio, you only reference the auto-adaptive model once in the Language Pair Mapping and you are good to go."

    My question regarding Auto Adaptive Language Pairs is: will those who use LWE 8.6 through a plugin in Studio also be able to provide feedback which is then used to retrain the model?

    Thank you


  • Hi  ,

    Thank you for the suggestion. The ability to choose between US English / British English is going to be supported through the use of Linguistic Options at Language Pair level, in our next version of Language Weaver Edge (8.6 - to be released this month). 

    For supported Language Pairs, Linguistic Options will be displayed in the Translation Settings in the Portal UI, and you will be able to select your preferred output at runtime in the UI - see an example below for German -> English.

    We plan to have all of our Language Pairs going into English to support this new capability for each new version released starting this quarter. With the release of 8.6, it will be supported for German -> English, French -> English, and then all new LPS released.

    The option will also be available in the API, so the Studio Plugin can be updated to support it in the Language Pair Mappings.

    In 8.6.1, planned to be released later in Q4, we will also allow to choose the default option at instance level (i.e. for all users) - in this case, you will be able to see default is British English for all translations performed, including through the Studio Plugin (without the need to have the plugin updated).

    For your 2nd idea, I believe this is more a Studio enhancement and you may want to post this idea in the Studio ideas section.

    I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any additional question!

    Thank you