Under Community Review

Hi Brian. 

Thank you for the suggestion. This is an interesting idea.

Currently, there is delay of 1 second after your typed the last character before triggering a translation.

We could consider waiting for the user to press enter to perform the translation. Since the source text box supports multiple lines, it would not impact the user experience, although it will be different from the current behavior. We'll review and consider making it an option for Continuous Translation.

Thank you

If LW Continous Translation is enabled, there should be a "ENTER SENDS" option.

I would like to see the option to spare the system some ressources and wait to start "Continously translating" until I  enter "ENTER" button. 
Or , if you rightfully object that it would then no longer be "Continous translation"  -   that  you in stead implement the option to let "ENTER" equal the cumbersome procedure:  "letting go of the keyboard, grabbing the mouse to click the Translate button".