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New function "suggest a better translation"

In the LanguageWeaver I have the option to suggest a better translation in the target language box. If I use this function, I just can place there my own suggestions manually.

It would be desirable, if there were a function here that LanguageWeaver offers me automatically better proposals/alternatives for sentences like DeepL does.

  • Hi Arnauld! Yes, this is exactly what we had in mind - sounds good! Thank you.

  • Hi Natalie. Thank you for the suggestion. If I understand correctly, you would like the target segment to be updated in the text box right after the new improvement has been submitted? I think it makes sense, with the caveat that if the same source segment is translated later, it will only be replaced once the feedback has been approved. So it will be replaced right after feedback has been submitted - and once the feedback has been approved (in case the user doesn't have auto approval of feedback enabled). We will consider this improvement for a future release. Note that this is how it is working in the feedback editor (all edited segments are kept at document translation level and produced in the output, even if not approved yet). Thank you

  • Hi Arnaud, 

    for now, it would also be great if users could see their suggested better translations in the translation of their text snippet once they have submitted them via "Improve". 

  • Hi Oliver and Darren,

    Thank you for posting this idea. 

    Indeed, "Suggest a better translation" is providing a way for users to suggest a better translation to the system. The system can then be automatically adapted, after the suggestions have been reviewed by an admin. More information about this feature can be found here:  Real-time adaptation available in Language Weaver Translation UI 

    Having the ability for the system to propose alternative translations is on our mid-term roadmap. We have started research work which will help us prioritize this feature and I expect to have an initial release vehicle in the next 6 to 9 months. I will update the community once I have better visibility on the schedule.

    Thank you!

  • Our users would like to see this feature too.