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Add "lump sum" as unit for additional costs

It is not possible to choose "lump sum" as unit for additional costs. But quite often this is the best option for a vendor to add additional costs we allow them to charge. It would be great if this could be added. 

  • Hi Ian, yes, that is what we are looking for, e.g. a vendor wants to add a certain additional amount for express translation or an additional fee for mailing certificates etc. 

    So far, we have to use a work around: The vendor chooses "hourly" and then changes the hourly rate to the amount needed, e.g. we want to add 5 € for mailing costs, they choose "Hourly" and then change the rate to 5 €. That works for now, but gives a wrong impression as the project then shows costs of 1 hour for 5 € and if there are other additional costs, it might be another item for 567 € an hour. 

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  • Hi Iris, am I correct in thinking that you are looking for a way to add an ad-hoc amount of money to a project, rather than something that would be part of the pricing model? 

    For example, if we offered a free-form field allowing users to enter text, units and the value.