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Add possibility to filter in finalized projects in customer portal

In the customer portal the list of "Projects To Download" is getting longer and longer. It would help a lot if the client could filter for e.g. open projects, finalized projects, closed projects, just as it is possible in the main tenant in the projects overview.

  • Hi Iris,

    We have the following setting in Customer Portal which allows users to choose whether to include/exclude completed projects in their Dashboard.

     Trados User Settings dialog with Project Settings section visible. Options 'Show projects created by my colleagues' and 'Show integration projects' are checked. 'Show completed projects in my list of projects' is unchecked with a red outline indicating focus or attention.

    In using this setting, I believe you can filter based on the categories you describe:

    • Project In Progress > Open projects
    • Projects to Download > Finalized projects

    The "Show completed projects" setting would then determine if completed projects are included under the Projects to Download tile in the Dashboard.

    Does this help and give you the level of flexibility you are looking for?