Add the option to "Cancel" a project additionally to "Delete"

It would be very helpful to also have the option to just cancel a project rather than fully deleting it. Sometimes a project is cancelled after almost the whole translation process is finished. Then we would like to keep the project as cancelled in order to have it still available for tracking reasons and to still have them in the statistics for reporting as the translation has been finished and should therefore be part of the statistics.

For future reference we would also like to store the information why the project was cancelled on project level which is not possible if the project is fully deleted. Then it's gone and you can't find any information on that project if you search for that project in the future.  

For now we are uploading an empty dummy file, so the client doesn't receive anything wrong and we can close the project. But it would be more realistic to differentiate between "Cancelled" and "Delivered".

Screenshot of Trados Enterprise interface with toolbar showing options such as Refresh, Open, Delete (0), Complete (0), with red arrows pointing to Delete and Complete.