Under Community Review

"Export for bilingual review" function for Trados Enterprise

Our internal reviewers frequently receive very technical files (brochures etc.) with content from different product areas. In this case, they often need to consult one or several colleagues so that those can check passages of their expertise.

Therefore an export function like in Trados Studio "Export for bilingual review" would be highly appreciated, where the text is exported as a word table ID+status+source+target.
Consulted experts could write directly in the supplied word file and it would save the person in charge the trouble of making screenshots or copy/pasting line by line from Online Editor.Screenshot of Trados Online Editor showing a list of technical terms in German with their English translations. Highlighted is the 'Export for bilingual external review' button in the top right corner.
The possibility to re-import edited word files into TE would be the cherry on the cake Slight smile