Under Community Review

Give Admins a feature to manage email notifications more efficiently

Currently, if you add new users to Trados Enterprise or Trados Team, and the email addresses are not active yet so a non-deliverable message is received, Trados will prevent any further notifications from being sent even if you subsequently correct the problem and resend the emails. The same problem could occur due to some temporary problem with your email server.

There are two problems with this:

  1. you will not be notified at all in Trados that the emails were not sent, nor will you be given any idea why
  2. support need to be engaged to remove the block

So we waste time for the admin, the end users and technical support while trying to get to the bottom of why users were not receiving notifications.

Please can you add to the admin rights (of anyone with permissions to add users) a feature that would report when emails were not sent, also an explanation of why, and also the ability for the admin to deal with the issue themselves without involving technical support.