Idea Delivered Partially

We have aggregated mails into one within a 10 minute period for the following notifications:

  • new task assigned
  • you are no longer assigned to tasks / task unassigned 
  • task due date changed
  • task is due soon
  • task overdue
  • task reassigned to the group
  • task rejected

The ability to individual users to decide which notifications to get or not is on the backlog. In the meantime you could use E-Mail application filters to filter out any e-mails you don't want to see.

make it possibile to deactivate notifications for (approaching) Due Date for leads? - Power to the leads :-)

Would it be possibile to have the leads to decide themselves which notifications to receive?

The amount of notifications for Due Date and approaching Due Date is quite high and tasks may disappear from radars.

Thanks for taking this into consideration!