Planned for Future Release

make it possibile to deactivate notifications for (approaching) Due Date for leads? - Power to the leads :-)

Would it be possibile to have the leads to decide themselves which notifications to receive?

The amount of notifications for Due Date and approaching Due Date is quite high and tasks may disappear from radars.

Thanks for taking this into consideration!

  • I agree! There are too many notifications in email to the point that I was forced to filter all notifications to a separate box that I never look into.
    There should be flexible settings for which notifications should be sent as emails. A lot of information should show up as flags in the Projects list instead of email notifications at all. 
    E.g. the projects approaching deadline should just have a more red color. 
    Projects list should also contain info about the number of words total and remaining to be translated and/or edited, to give a better overview of the overall progress on all projects, instead of bombarding managers with email notifications. 

  • Overall notifications should be re-designed and by choice. The email trafic for 1 single file it is a lot. And if you have any problems and needs to start reassigning the ammount of emails is very very high. 

  • yes, this should be done with high priority.