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Make QA profiles into a Resource

I would like the Verification part of the Project Template settings to be turned into reusable resources as well. I know memoQ has so-called "QA profiles" for example. Right now, it's a lot of work to have to redo the settings for each template manually and it's hard to keep track of changes.

  • Thanks Vera, I'm hesitant to introduce yet another resource if we can avoid it.
    We've now added the ability to export and import them, so maybe you could create a set of QA settings and then your colleagues can just import the settings you distributed to them, would that work?

  • Thank you Luis! We are already doing this, however the QA Resource is still much needed. As you can imagine, not all my colleagues have the same knowledge of the platform as I do as Admin. So it would be much easier for them to, for example, select a "With Length Restriction" QA Resource for a specific project, rather than go and adjust the QA settings themselves.

  • Hi Vera,

    Thank you for the suggestion. An option in the meantime to ease this, is to "Copy Project Templates" rather than creating them from scratch, then you don't have to reset the settings every single time. What some users do is have a "Default Project Template" which they set all the settings in and then use as a basis for all subsequent Project Templates by "Copying" them.