Idea Delivered Partially

This is currently possible most easily, through the API:

User export

It is currently difficult to audit the users + group membership + service type assignment.

There are 3 challenges...

  1. You can't export or even copy the user list into Excel. The way it's displayed makes selecting the rows impossible.
  2. Group memberships are not fully displayed if the user is a member of 3 or more groups.
  3. Service Types are not displayed at all.

Please can their be a user export function so the data can be reviewed in Excel.

It may be easier / best to have 3 exports...

  • Users (Location, First Name, Last Name, Email, etc.)
  • Group membership (Group, User First Name, Last Name, Email)
  • Service assignment (User First Name, Last Name, Email, Service Type, Source Lang, Target Lang.)