Idea Delivered Partially

This is now actually partially available. We recently introduced a new option "Copy Entry" which can be used for this. You can take any entry in your termbase that has the desired terms and fields, then use "Copy Entry" to create an empty entry where all languages and fields are present. So you could create kind of 'template' entries where you just have the languages and terms and then use Copy Entry on those entries to prefill a new entry with all the language fields. In future, we are planning to refine further, but Copy Entry should be a good basis already now for this requirement.

New terminology entries - option to automatically add all languages in the termbase

When creating a new terminology entry for all the languages in our termbase, we have to select each language manually from the drop-down list, which slows down the process considerably.

It would be great to have the option, when creating a new terminology entry, for all the languages in the termbase to be added automatically to the entry. This should only be an option though, and not default behaviour, as we also create terminology entries for only some of our languages.

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