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Change to duplicate entries warning to work better with concept-oriented glossaries

The duplicate entries warning in MultiTerm is a bit hassle-some if you are building a concept-oriented TB, because you are bound to have multiple entries with the same term in one language. (An example SDL likes to use is "monitor".)
If your TB contains the concept "monitor" as in "display screen" and you add a different concept "monitor" as in "to observe", you will be warned that this might be a dupe and would you like to merge entries. (Both MultiTerm and Studio)

In a concept-oriented TB this is not helpful.

The ideal would be the option either to turn the warning off altogether or to be given a choice what to merge it with. Currently it seems like MultiTerm merges with the first entry that it considers a duplicate.

Let's assume we have a TB with these entries:

1 birch (the tree)
2 stain (the wood dye)
3 forest (woodlands)
4 stain (discoloration, spot, smudge)

Adding "stain" and agreeing to "merge" will merge the new term to the first occurrence of "stain", in this case the concept of wood dye. From a content point of view this is just random.

From a concept-oriented approach it looks like it would be desirable to be given a choice like a dialog box with the matching term ("stain" in this example) and all synonyms in all languages that are being added.

A dialogue box like this:

Possible duplicate.
Would you like to merge to one of the following entries:

stain (EN:wood stain|dye DE:Beize)            [YES]
stain (EN:discoloration|spot|smudge DE:Fleck) [YES]

Do note merge but create new entry            [YES]

I understand that many users use TBs in a term-oriented way and this new functionality should be an option, not replace the current way it is working.