Under Community Review

Shared folder support for MultiTerm termbases

Please add support of simultaneous work with a termbase stored in shared folder for small user group. Consistent terminology is one of vital tasks event for small translation department.
According to kb 000004185
it’s not supported. The implementation of GroupShare is redundant for 2 or 3 translators from technical and financial point of view.

  • I upvoted your idea. But I think this can already be done using Dropbox. You create a shared Dropbox folder, copy the termbase as many times as there are translators (have 3 copies if you're a group of 3). Each add one as your "default" termbase and the other two as non-default termbases. Trados only updates the default termbase. You won't get any conflicts, as every translator will only update their own termbase and at the same time use the termbases of the other translators.